Thursday, August 25, 2005

Back With A Mouth-Foaming Fury!

After such a long hiatus, one may wonder what I've been doing. The answer is I've been living life my man and now that summer's over, I'll be able to maintain this thing and give it the love it deserves. Since I last left you, I've traveled to Vermont, had two cousins come and spend a most excellent July with me, spent way too much money, and kneed a back-talking, 70-year-old midget in the jaw. Rather than tell you anymore about these events and others, I give all of you a challenge. Post stories of the "Lost Month(s)" in the comments section of this post and I'll pick my favorites and compile them for another post and I will never deny doing any of the things mentioned.

Moving on...Class started yesterday and that blew. Luckily, I had devised a way to ease the pain. That's right, I threw a Strawberry Shortcake Bonanza. I must admit that it was a smashing success and all left happy and full...or you're all a bunch of liars that decided to humor me. Regardless, I'm almost certain that it was the best strawberry shortcake party ever thrown. A bold statement, I know, but an exaggeration? Not in the least. I recommend throwing strawberry shortcake parties to everyone as they're fun and amazingly affordable.

Speaking of affordable, my new toaster oven was one of the best purchases ever and part of a huge body of evidence that shows that moving into my apartment has made me way too domestic. It's the only way I can explain the excitement involved in purchasing a mixer and a wisk set. At the same time, I'm not really worried that moving into an apartment means I'm growing up. Anyone who's seen my apartment knows why.

I guess that's it for now. I promise that after this entry, the entries will become exceedingly more entertaining as hopefully they'll be less about me and more about the people I interact with and/or made up.